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Our Origin Story

The inspiration for developing the Johnnie Max program was my dad, Johnnie Max Jones. John grew up poor in West Texas, raised with two siblings by loving, hardworking parents who instilled in their children a respect for nature and the land that provided their living.

My brother, sister, and I benefitted from the value system passed down to us. We were all born in Texas, and soon thereafter began moving from state to state, all along the western half of the US from New Mexico to Colorado to Alaska. My dad helped us discover the unique beauty of each new location by taking us on wilderness adventures every summer weekend.

When dad retired, he pursued his passion for nature by travelling the globe to capture its beauty through the lens of his camera. For 30 years, his artful photography has made an impression on me. I wanted to find a way to share it in a meaningful way.

As an educator, I strive to help young children develop a sense of wonder for our world and a profound respect for its inhabitants, just as John had. The Johnnie Max program will help build the foundational literacy skills children need to navigate and consume media, be responsible global citizens, and embody formidable emotional intelligence.

Jamie West

John Jones Media LLC