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How is Johnnie Max so cool?

A robot with advanced artificial intelligence and a 3D-printer in his backpack, who travels the world to learn about planet Earth, its people, and all its lifeforms? How can he NOT be cool?

How do I get a demo of the Johnnie Max program?

It’s easy to get a demo! Just click here and fill out the request form and we will set up a demo at your convenience.

How do I purchase Johnnie Max?

You can click here to share your request with us. Or, you can contact us at

Is the Johnnie Max program subscription-based?

Yes! You can subscribe for 1, 3, or 5 years. Or, we can customize your subscription period for a timespan that will work for you.

Where do the amazing program photos come from?

The fabulous photos in the Johnnie Max program come from the collection of photographer John Jones. John travelled to every continent in the world, capturing the beauty of its people, plants, and animals. His daughter, our founder, Jamie West has turned her father’s legacy into a program for young learners. Education is her passion. Creating Johnnie Max is a tribute to her father and his life’s work. Over 90% of the photos in Johnnie Max were taken by John Jones. You can read more about John Jones in our Origin Story.

Do I need any special equipment to run the Johnnie Max program?

No. You will need computers, lap tops, or some kind of e-pad. A white board would be useful for whole-class presentation.

Is the Johnnie Max School-Home Communication app include in the program?

Yes! And it works on iOS and Android phones. Just download the app, use your program login, and start communicating with your child’s teacher.