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Johnnie Max

Building a Bigger Worldview
One Click at a Time®

Early Literacy and
Oral Language Development

Fosters Content


Global Awareness

Primary Education
Best PreK/Early Childhood Learning Solution
Early Childhood
2023 FETC National Pitchfest Finalist
Best PreK Early Literacy &
Literacy/Reading Solutions
ESSA Certified
ESSA Certified
WBENC Certified
Woman-Owned & Operated

Award-Winning Literacy and Oracy Program for PreK–K Teachers and Learners

This all new program uses real-world photography from around the globe to build the foundations of early learning.

Content-rich nonfiction fosters a sense of wonder as children interact with images and text that put the world in their hands.

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Johnnie Max World TV

Johnnie Max World TV

INTRODUCE key concepts and vocabulary with videos.

Interactive Nonfiction eBooks

Interactive Nonfiction eBooks

TEACH academic concepts and use dialogic reading to develop oral language with core nonfiction texts.

Online Vocabulary Games

Online Vocabulary Games

ASSESS vocabulary acquisition with games that track learning outcomes.

The Adventures of Johnnie Max

The Adventures of Johnnie Max

Deepen engagement with fiction books that develop social-emotional learning and promote global awareness. 

Hands-on Activities Videos

Hands-on Activities Videos

Extend learning with videos that model hands-on activities for in-class or at-home fun!

Simple Classroom and Content Management Teachers, Learners, and Caregivers Connect on Johnnie Max


Easy-to-Use Digital Platform for Classroom and Distance Teaching

Teachers can preview all lessons for planning, present content using the classroom presentation mode, and track learner progress with automatically-generated student and class reports.

A Unique Home Page for Each Child

Children enter the world of Johnnie Max through their own customizable home page to access videos, eBooks, games, and hands-on activities. They earn badges that promote self-directed learning and a positive growth mindset.

At-Home Access to Content, Support, and Progress Reports

Parents and caregivers have full access to the Johnnie Max program and their child’s progress reports. Home Guides provide easy-to-follow lessons to support learning at home.

School-Home Connection App

Easy communication for teachers and caregivers!

The Johnnie Max Communication App comes free with the program and provides a direct line of communication between school and home. Available in iOS and Android.


Build the foundations of early learning! Johnnie Max supports the development of the whole child.

Literacy and
Oral Language Skills

  • Developing oral language and building vocabulary is at the heart of the Johnnie Max program. 
  • Children experience multiple exposures to robust PreK and academic vocabulary through guided presentations and explicit dialogic reading strategies in Teacher and Home Guides.
  • Online vocabulary games provide practice for children and assessment data via the learning management system for teachers and caregivers.
  • Explicit opportunities for supporting social-emotional development are built into video presentations and guided reading, each supported by Teacher and Home Guides.
  • The program’s characters, Johnnie Max and Sarabella, model social-emotional development in relatable ways throughout The Adventures of Johnnie Max fiction series.

Social-Emotional Learning

Global Awareness

  • Global awareness is at the very core of the program that is built around photographs of people, places, and animals from every continent on the planet.
  • Locator maps in the eBooks locate the origin of each photograph.
  • Early learners follow the adventures of Johnnie Max and Sarabella, who discover and share the beauty of each unique continent in The Adventures of Johnnie Max.